Active Fiber Complex

Herbalife Active Fiber Complex 

Herbalife Active Fiber Complex is fast and reliable relief from being constipated.  Your constipation help includes 4 types of active fibers to make you regular again.  Good intestinal Health starts with this Herbalife Fiber.  Herbalife Active Fiber Complex is a healthy powder to promote regularity and bowel function. Herbalife fiber supports friendly intestinal bacteria, with 5g of water soluble and insoluble fiber. 

 Herbalife Active Fiber Complex Benefits

  • Active fiber complex helps regularity and healthy bowel movement.

  • Active fiber helps reduces constipation issues.

  • Herbalife fiber complex promotes healthy growth of friendly intestinal bacteria.

  • Herbalife Active Fiber Complex includes 5g of balanced soluble and insoluble fiber.

  • Active fiber can be add to Herbalife shake  for a thicker, smoother shake.

  • Herbalife Active Fiber will help reduce belly bloat


Herbalife Active Fiber Complex Includes:

Contains water soluble and insoluble fiber to minimize bloating

• Research shows that most people eat only half the recommended daily dietary fiber intake.

• Research has proved that fiber is important for weight management and intestinal health.  

• One serving has 5g of the recommended 25 to 35 grams of the daily intake of soluble and insoluble fiber.

• Herbalife Active Fiber comes in a Apple flavor that mixes with water, or unflavored mixed which can 
  be added to your favorite beverage.

Herbalife Active Fiber Instructions:

  Mix with water or your favorite beverage. Choose Apple flavor or unflavored.