Stress management

Herbalife Stress Management Products

Living in the midst of too much of stress and strain is not at all good for the functioning of the human body. It leads to tensed nerves, anxiety as well as feeling of general lethargy. This therefore makes it all the more important to try and attempt towards effective stress managementHerbalife’s stress management products attempt towards trying to minimize the stress affecting your life and helping you towards stress management.

Stress takes no prisoners. It systematically erodes our body until resulting chronic diseases create devastating effects. Herbalife is committed to curing the global population from its debilitating effects. Herbalife stress relief products are result of years of research and are the best line of defense against stress. 

Herbalife stress relief products provide a natural way to ease our everyday lives by:

Reducing stress

  • Promoting a sense of well-being

  • Relaxing the mind

  • Promoting relaxation

  • Reducing irritability

  • Decreasing nervousness

  • Improving sleep

  • Regulating the sleep-wake cycle

  • Providing rest without drowsy side effects

The wonderful calming quality of Herbalife stress relief products stems from hand picked ingredients with a known as reliable, gentle and non-addictive stress relief agents:

  • Jujube

  • Ashwagandha

  • Passionflower

  • Valerian,

  • Hops

  • Lavender


Herbalife Sleep now as well as Herbalife Relax now are the stress management products with Herbalife which attempt towards allowing you to calm your nerves and allows you to live a healthy life which could be relatively free from stress and strain.

                                          Herbalife Sleep Now

A dietary supplement to promote restful sleep.


Herbalife Relax Now

An herbal supplement to ease anxiety and stress.




Herbalife Relax Now

An herbal supplement to ease anxiety and stress.

Key Benefits:

  • Helps relieve stress and promote a sense of well-being.

  • Calms the nerves.

  • Supports energy and mental clarity.

When stress gets the upper hand, your work and personal life can suffer. Herbalife's Relax Now includes an herbal combination of jujube, ashwagandha and passionflower to help alleviate anxiety and tension, allowing you to function at your best. This safe, non-addictive formula won't cause grogginess, and can be used daily for greater serenity and well-being.

Fast Facts:

  • Jujube is used in Chinese herbalism for nervous exhaustion and irritability.

  • Ashwagandha is an Ayurvedic adaptogen that helps the body better cope with stress.

  • Passionflower has a relaxing effect.

Usage: Take one to two tablets a day. Use with Sleep Now for a restful night's sleep. Notice: For adult use only. If you are under medical supervision, pregnant or nursing, consult with your physician before taking this product. Product can cause drowsiness. Discontinue use if drowsiness occurs. Do not drive a vehicle or operate machinery while using this product. Do not take concurrently with prescription anti-anxiety medicine.

Herbalife Sleep Now

A dietary supplement to promote restful sleep.

Key Benefits:

  • Melatonin helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle.

  • Calming herbs promote relaxation for better sleep.

Even the occasional sleepless night can undermine health, vitality and mood. Herbalife's Sleep Now is a natural, non-addictive herbal formula with melatonin, that can help you enjoy a good night's sleep and awaken refreshed the next day.

Fast Facts:

  • Helps improve the quality of sleep.

  • Melatonin is a natural hormone secreted by the pineal gland, whose production slows with age. Supplemental melatonin can be used regularly to support healthy sleep patterns.

  • When traveling, melatonin can ease jet-lag symptoms by helping the body adjust to changing time zones.

  • Passionflower, valerian, hops, wild lettuce and lavender help relax the body for better sleep.

Usage: For adults, take one or two tablets 30 minutes before going to sleep. Use with Herbalife's Tang Kuei and Relax Now for stress management.