Weight Management

Manage your weight and Look great!

Herbalife protein-powered weight loss management program helps you manage your hunger while feeling energized.

As challenging as it can be to keep your weight management on track this time of year, the Herbalife weight management Program can help you achieve your goals. It's personalized to your unique body type and satisfies your hunger with the power of protein. Plus, Herbalife weight management Program includes Cellular Nutrition - an advanced technology exclusive to Herbalife that nourishes your body at the cellular level, so you can achieve optimum health. Studies show that losing even a small amount of weight can improve your health. And losing just five pounds can make all the difference when it comes to feeling great. So get your weight under control, get healthy and get started on Herbalife today.

Feel the difference with Herbalife Formula 1

Every single day over one million shakes are consumed around the world and you too can enjoy all the excellent nutritional qualities that a Formula 1 healthy meal offers. Use Herbalife Formula 1 to feel the difference.

 Feel special...

Losing weight can be a challenge. Herbalife Formula 1 helps you manage your caloric intake and feel fuller for longer all while sustaining /our energy levels; so you can focus on achieving the shape or look you want and Feeling special.

"I regained my life through the Herbalife. Weight Management Programme* using Herbalife Formula 1, which is part of my solution to Weight-management, good nutrition and general wellbeing"**
Sarah-Jane Jones - UK

 Feel in control...

A busy work schedule can erode your fitness levels as you rush through the day. Herbalife Formula 1 gives you a convenient and easy-to-prepare meal alternative, which provides the nutrition your 
body needs to help you replenish your energy and feel fit.

"I keep trying new things and live my life far more adventurously than I ever did before"*
Retha Fourie - South Africa

 Feel good...

Now that you have more time to relax and pursue your interests in life, your body can use everyday support to keep up with your spirit! Herbalife Formula 1 helps to nourish your body with an excellent balance of protein and key nutrients to help you feel energised.

"I feel much younger than I am, I feel that I can do anything"*
 Kirsti Juntunen - Finland

 Feel strong...

Sports and exercise work your muscles which need protein, vitamins and minerals to recover and grow after each workout. Herbalife Formula 1 shakes are high in heart-healthy soy protein and contain key nutrients to help you build lean muscle mass so you can concentrate on your performance and feeling strong.

"I had more energy than I'd ever had before and my recovery time after exercise was much quicker"*
Tiago Oliveira - Portugal


You choose when

Breakfast, lunch or dinner - you choose when you'd like to enjoy your Herbalife Formula 1 shake, or shakes, each day.