Your Personal Herbalife Coach

We set you up for success!

Your personal Herbalife Wellness Coach will...

  • Help you set achievable and personal goals

  • maximum the effective use of the products

  • Provide methods of tracking your progress

  • Offer tips and insights that may help you achieve your goals

  • Inspire and motivate you to reach your personal best!

You will not be alone

Your trained and experienced Herbalife Independent Distributor is your personal Herbalife Wellness Coach and is available to offer you ongoing, personalised and motivating support to help you achieve your goals. 


Your Herbalife Wellness Coach will be able to advise you on the optimal programme solution to suit your individual wellness needs and expectations.


If you have a question about a product or are looking for support and advice, then feel free to talk with your Herbalife Wellness Coach who will be happy to advise you - after all, he or she uses the products, too, and can share a wealth of knowledge and experience with you.


Personalised support to help you succeed!