Herbalife Best Defense®

Herbalife’s Best Defense is an effervescent drink that strengthens and supports your body’s immune system.

Support your body’s resistance with Best Defense™ as soon as you begin to feel under the weather, before entering crowded environments, or whenever you feel stressed. Just one tablet up to twice a day helps you feel better…and stay that way!*


  • Robust, standardized source of immuneboosting echinacea.*

  • 1,000 mg Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant. 25 mg zinc sulfate to stimulate your cellular immune defense.*2

  • Take 1 to 2 times daily when you start to feel under the weather.

  • Convenient and portable for on-the-go use.

Enjoy two natural flavors–refreshing Orange Boost and soothing Citrus Mint. Great hot or cold.

Factors that impair the immune system include: Stress

  • Nutrient deficiencies

  • Contaminated air, water and food

  • Unhealthful lifestyles and unhealthy habits


Standardized echinacea is superior because:

  • A consistent amount of active immuneboosting compounds are contained in each serving.

  • You are assured of getting the same potency every time you use it.


  • Use Best DefenseTM tablets to boost your immune system*:

  • As soon as you begin to feel under the weather.

  • Before entering crowded environments or an airplane.

  • When you feel stressed.