Herbalife Garden 7

7 servings of colorful fruits and vegetables in one supplement.

Key Benefits 

  • Supports the function of and optimal health for vital organs.*

  • Provides antioxidants equal to 1 cup red grapes, 3 oz. of cranberries, one orange, one tomato, ½ cup broccoli, ½ cup spinach, one carrot, and a clove of garlic.

Consuming the recommended 7-9 servings of fruits and vegetables each day is difficult. Just one Garden 7® tablet three times a day helps fill the nutritional gaps in your diet by providing your body with the vital nutrition needed for optimal health.

Fast Facts 

  • Provides powerful antioxidant benefits of 7 colorful servings of fruit and vegetables without the sugars, calories or carbohydrates from the whole foods.

  • Antioxidants help to support the immune system.*

  • Contains a healthy sampling of plant-based nutrients called phytonutrients.

  • No artificial flavors or colors.

  • Easy to take – one tablet three times a day.

  • Goes perfectly with shakes and meals.

  • Product has the same efficacy and absorption of the original Garden 7® but in a more convenient dosage.